Topless, shameless, and lawless in Asheville...
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Asheville's Topless Rally Just Finished Their 3rd Run.

And, as usual, it was about exploiting women - not uplifting them.

So what now?

Well we're going to return the favor, take 50 people to the organizer's hometown, and protest the business he manages - Over the Rainbow Pediatrics in Huntsville, AL.

More to follow!


The first time was in August of 2011.  Most media outlets promoted the event and vetted it as much ado about nothing.  Our authorities ignored what went on there and pretended it was legal.  There is nothing legal about sexual performance on our city fountain and in other places in our downtown park, allowing underage girls to participate, and doing it all in front of children. Everyone hid behind a state law allowing women to publicly display their breasts (think breast feeding) while ignoring other laws against sexual performance in public places and in front of minors.  AshevilleToplessChildAbuse.com has more information on what went on and the specific laws that were broken.  Ask yourself why our community worked so hard to pretend nothing happened. Here are a few pictures showing what really did happen. Innocent fun?  Anything but...

You've probably never heard of the Raelian movement. If you care about your community, you might want to. These are the people behind the first two topless rallies that have been held in Asheville and the next one coming in August.

Last year's rally was championed by a Raelian front-man from Huntsville, Alabama - Jeff Johnson.  Jeff moonlights as a clown, pediatric practice manager, and, apparently, exhibitionist mentor.  Meet Sparkles the Clown-

Here's a sampling of what Jeff helped happen in Asheville's downtown city park last August.  Keep in mind that city and police leaders said nothing illegal occurred during the rally-

Not one elected official or member of law enforcement stepped forward and acknowledged that sexual performance in front of children occurred and was ignored in our city park.  Not one.


They are coming back - Sunday, August 25 2013.  Asheville's city council has had two years to craft an ordinance to stop these folks.  Instead, they have confused hand wringing for action and pretended that nothing could be done. That's simply not true.  There are existing state ordinances against sexual performance in public spaces and in front of children. Other cities have ordinances against this kind of activity and none of those ordinances have been challenged.  There is a reason that our's is the only city in North Carolina the promoters risk coming to - Asheville's authorities are permissive and paralyzed - and dishonest.

We're going to help them get over that. You can help us do it...

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